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Friday, March 31, 2006


I've done the unthinkable. The inconceivable. The I-can't-belive-I- have-the-guts-to-do-this. I've come to work today.. um.. unsupported. Ok, I know what you are thinking, but I have to fill you in on a little cosmetics company background. The offices dress code usually leaves room for extremely trendy, well put together looks. One can bypass conservatism in favor of style. I've actually attended meetings where members of sr. management (mostly marketing) have worn halter top dresses, exposed bare mid-drifts, and donned mini-skirts. Secondly, today is the first real day of truly beautiful spring weather and I have a cute new top and jeans that I wanted to wear on this casual friday. Unfortunately, the top is one of those summery types that don't allow additional support. While I think it looks fine, and my girl coworkers at work said there isn't a problem, I still feel... a little risque. But is that such a bad thing? To have a naughty little secret at work, that is, for just one day. :)

Thursday, March 30, 2006

General Stuff

I haven't updated on my life recently so I'll use this post to give the low-down. I received my official rejection from Harvard yesterday, but I knew it was coming and had accepted it quite a while back. I always knew that Harvard wasn't the right fit for me, so I think this was an easier blow to handle than Wharton. I spent 15 minutes deciphering aspects of Italian grammar --- mostly because I screwed up and said "molto baci" instead of "molti baci" to someone. Now I can move on to Italian verb conjugation. The new apartment is working out, but it is in a shadier part of New Brunswick, so the constant sirens and police presence does freak me out a little bit. I'm rethinking late night returns from New York. The kid that lives in the apartment is sort of annoying. Both the bathroom doors don't lock, and once, when I was about to get into the shower, he opened the door out of curiousity. I didn't know what to say to my landlord, because how can I say, "I find your kid annoying and nosy." He's a three year old kid! They are supposed to be annoying and nosy. My friend was supposed to visit from Boston and we were going to go see Sasha at Crobar tomorrow night, but she can't get off work tomorrow to make the trip down to NYC. I think I've located a roomate for my time in Ann Arbor, so that will be awesome! I can't wait for GBR… I think it will be so fun! Unfortunately, I can't make the event for Ross Admits in Alpine, NJ tonight. Just too much going on, and I don’t feel like driving 50 miles each way for just two hours. And that's all folks.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

From Russia, With Love

AHH! I did it again. I was in a rush to send an email to someone at work and I signed the email “love” instead of “thanks”. Why do I do this? Just last week I sent a form to our tax department and on the note I attached, I actually signed off with a “Love, MBA Cutie.” People at work must think I’m insane. It wouldn’t be the first time, though.

A week into my first job out of college, I get an anniversary card passed to me from the cube next door. It turns out that someone in our department was celebrating their 20th anniversary. In my youthful ignorance, I didn’t realize there is such a thing as a service anniversary, so I signed the card “I hope your love will last forever – MBA Cutie.” Of course, I was thinking this was a wedding anniversary! I asked the admin organizing the event if they were inviting the husband of the celebrator. She gave me a puzzled glance and said, she supposed she could. Ok, that was weird.

The event day came and as I was eating, I heard a speech from our CFO of how much he appreciated the last twenty years of service that so-and-so had provided. WHOOPS! Next the card was read aloud. The most memorable comment was, “Regarding work:
There were a lot of emotions that have surfaced about work for the past twenty years. I can’t really say love was one of them.” I can’t really say that either.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

What's in a Name?

Would a rose by any other name smell just as sweet? Many parents in the U.S. don’t seem to think so. They can’t wait to get their kids into the working world. That’s right: the new trend in naming newborns is to go after the Corporate Name. Armani and Chevy topped the list of popular corporate names for babies. In 2000, twenty one babies were bestowed with the name L’Oreal. Some parents have even agreed to accept payments from large corporations in exchange for the naming rights of their babies.

While I’m sure most parents think long and hard before naming their child, the occasional naming mishap does occur. Looking back to my Tamil language classes in 3rd grade, there was a girl whose family had just relocated to the Bay Area from India. Her name was Anal --- which means heat/fire. In my eight year old innocence, I thought nothing peculiar of the name. Now, I am curious to see how her name held up for her through high school and college. I wonder if she was at least compelled to change the spelling.

My parents used to tell me stories of growing up in India where they would come across classmates with names like America, Doctor, or even Engineer. Maybe this need to name children after large corporations isn’t a new concept; it looks like parents have been incorporating their hopes and dreams into the names of their children for generations. Once grown, do all people named Doctor become M.D.s? What happens if Engineer wants to become a doctor? What about when Ms. America is in a beauty pageant to be Ms. India? L’Oreal ends up working for Revlon? And maybe little Chevy wants to drive a Toyota.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Shopping Spree

I'm really good at spending money. Actually, I'm really good at spending money when I don't plan to spend money. After moving into my new "room" yesterday, I felt I had to get out and do something that didn't involve carrying boxes and blindly climbing up stairs. I headed over to Target to buy some bottled water, but the minute I walked in the door, I found myself completely side tracked by the women's clothing section.

I stood mesmerized by a pair of Mossimo jeans, which were pretty cute! And only 27 dollars. So I tried them on. I also tried on two tops, a shrug, a bikini --- all of which I ended up buying. Oh, and add in a necklace and a crocheted purse. I have to give Target credit. Their clothes are actually looking much more stylish, and the prices were so reasonable. This little impromptu shopping spree took me back to my days at UCLA, where my girlfriends and I would immediately run out the door to Forever 21 any time we had to go to a party. The "five-dollar-ho shirt", as we called it, was perfect for those nights where you had to wear something no one had seen yet, knew that it was going to get drenched in spilt drinks, and knew you would probably not ever wear it again. The best part of it all, Target clothing appears to have better quality than any of the stuff I purchased at Forever 21, or other boutique party clothes stores.

And one of the great things about New York is when someone asks you "That's cute! Where did you get that?", you can always respond with "Oh, some tiny little boutique on the upper East/West side... a while ago." And no one knows any better...

Sunday, March 26, 2006

And I'm out!

GO BRUINS! That's right, after a bit of a lull, the Bruins are back on top of their game... and in the Final FOUR! I can't wait for next weekend, I can whip out all my blue and gold gear, and head out Blondie's in NYC and cheer with all the fellow alumni that make it out too.

As I sit writing my last blog entry ever from this apartment, I can't help but think this is really happening: I'm really going to put my life on hiatus and go to b-school. In just three months, I'll be high tailing it cross country to make it home in time for a friend's wedding. Then off to India, and then to Michigan to start on my new life. This move has been bittersweet. Everyone knows I don't really care for New Jersey (or the north east) that much, but in the past two years, it has really grown on me, and there is a part of me that is sad to leave it behind.

With my stress regarding the move, and his stress regarding work, the youngin' and I were unable to meet this weekend. Since I went out in the city on Friday, I would never have been able to finish this move on my own if I didn't have the whole weekend to myself. I've been getting constant reminders from my girlfriends about the virtues of arriving in b-school single. I do wonder, when moving onto a new stage in life, is it best to cut off all sentimental ties with the past?

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Professions and Dating

There seem to be a lot of professions out there that strongly encourage that participants do not get involved in relationships, at least in the early stages. One of my friends who went through medical school told me that the administrators and professors regularly reminded students that getting involved with members of the opposite sex will affect their ability to study, pass exams, and ultimately survive medical school. I've heard the same caveat is presented to professional or aspiring athletes. I constantly hear complaints from my friends that are bankers (mostly men) who say that even if they want to date, they rarely find themselves outside of the office enough to actually meet someone to date. And if they do, good luck in finding the time to spend time with that person to get to know them. They said they were never told they shouldn't date, but the profession's demanding hours make it almost impossible. I've had a guy leave me halfway through a date because he had to go back to the office. And, I can say that the cab money, or chauffered car, thrown my way to make up for their early departure, didn't really compensate for the fact that I barely got to know them. Other girlfriends of mine have had the same thing happen.

I admit, this makes me thankful that I work in-industry. However, it sucks because it screws over dating any of these types of individuals. With b-school looming in the future, it does beg the question... does career chasing lead to lonely nights and empty beds for everyone?

Friday, March 24, 2006

How much do you want to know?

Have you ever had a certain impression of someone, and then you find something out about them, and it completely changes your impression?

It happened to me the other day. I was talking to one of my friends and she told me something about someone whom I didn't know that well, but have always had a lot of respect for. But now, because of what I found out, I feel like he's not someone I can respect anymore. But then, I have to wonder, because I am not him and don't know the justification behind his actions, do I even have a right to feel that way? I'm sure I have done things in my life that other people probably think were incorrect or immoral, but I did them for my own reasons. Something to think about as the weekend approaches.

In other news, I cancelled coffee drinking with B&N boy. I have just been too busy with moving. No, MBA Cutie is not ready to change her meandering ways, but she may be ok with calming down .. for a week or two.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

MBA Blogging Community

I have to say that I never thought that starting a blog would put me in the middle of such a supportive, determined community! I have not only managed to gain valuable insight into Business School and the MBA Application process, but also have come out of it with new friends, classmates, and acquaintances. I never had any intent of joining such a community when I started my blog… I really just wanted to have a semi-anonymous place to complain about the MBA process and other areas of my life… since I was driving my friends crazy! Everything appears to have turned out for the best. I really look forward to continuing blogging throughout B-School.

I will amuse everyone with interesting email excerpts I have received over the past few months relating to my blog:

*"MBA Cutie, your blog is hot! I read it in class every day."
*"MBA Cutie, you should have your own reality show."
*"MBA Cutie, you go out so much when do you find time to work?" --- I don't know… some how, I manage.
*"MBA Cutie, did you get into Ross because you are a cutie?" --- Absolutely not! I phone interviewed.
*"MBA Cutie, when you are done with the youngin', can I be next?" --- Ha-ha, you wish! ;)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


This morning, I woke up and checked my email to see that Ross (UMich) has refunded my application fee! A whole $180 back to me just because I checked the fee waiver box. Advice to future applicants... even if you don't think you qualify for a fee waiver, CHECK THE BOX ANYWAY!

Any other Wolverines get lucky? Is this their policy --- to refund the application fee to admitted students?

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Popping up at Pop Burger! That's right! Friday night plans are set. I have actually never been to this psuedo-burger joint, but I hear it's fun and that Katie Holmes (pre-TomKat era) used to pop in.

The move is going smoothly… all my computer stuff has been transferred, and tonight it will be a majority of the clothing and kitchen wares. I have to make it an early night, as I'm working from the NYC office tomorrow.

My girlfriends and I have discussed it… I definitely have a type… well two types… that I hope to break out of once I embark on the U of M campus.

Type 1: Third or Fourth Year Med Student/ 1st year Intern or Resident --- so time crazed and very self absorbed.
Type 2: First or Second Year Bankers -- so time crazed and legalized slaves to their firms.

I need to meet some non-finance industry or non-medical people. This explains why I feel like I am dating the same person over and over again, inspite of them being different people.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Cheap Rent

Is the land of cheap rent filled with turmoil and unexpected surprises? I found this room in a townhouse about 10 minutes closer to NYC than where I live now (although about 7 minutes farther away from work). When I agreed to rent the room from the owner of the townhouse, she seemed like she had everything together, etc. However, when I moved my large items over to my new room this weekend, a lot of interesting things surfaced.

(1) The landlord doesn't have a job -- no full time employment at all! She is worried she may have to move out of her own townhouse! YIKES! Does this mean that she may jump ship even before I'm ready to leave?

(2) She has a guy hanging around (really weird guy... might I add) who she said "helps her out once in a while", but also has keys to the townhouse.

(3) Her baby is a brat. He's loud and screamed "NO ROOM" at me when I brought some things over. Everyone knows how I feel about babies.

(4) There is no lock on my door. I'm a little bit scared with this weird guy hanging around for there to be no lock on my door. My dad is telling me to just go to home depot and install one myself. But do I need to get the landlord's permission to do that? Should I just place a large bookcase in front of my door every evening and tote my laptop and dvd player around with me wherever I go?

Is this what happens when you need a place for just 3 months, don’t want to pay more than $500 a month, and don’t want to sign a lease? Maybe I should have searched around a little harder. I'll be trying my best to never be at home.

Sunday, March 19, 2006


All my big stuff is at the new apartment. I still need to sell my refridgerator... I better get onto craig's list.

Weekend was good... sold all my old GMAT books on e-bay! Learned to play darts... over all, a good time. :)

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Absence makes the heart grow fonder...

So I have managed to clean my refridgerator, clean my kitchen, scrub the bathroom, sweep the floors, and pack up half my apartment. I ended up at work late last night, so didn't get to go out, and it turns out that my friends partied so much last night, that they don't feel like going out tonight.

Now, at odds on what to do, deserted by my friends, and all love interests (since they always seem to have some link to California), I resorted to spending a few hours at Barnes & Nobles cafe, sipping coffee, reading GRE books, and then... getting chatted up by a cute boy studying for his LSAT. We're having coffee again next week. :)

I cannot wait for school to start! It's a little boring now with no applications, no GMAT to study for, and no anticipation waiting for more admissions results. Just work and moving to keep me occupied.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Moving Day Weekend

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Best news first… my friend just found out yesterday that he got into Tuck!!!!! I received the excited phone call from him yesterday. This is great… every single one of my friends that applied this year with me has been accepted into at least one of their schools.

Yesterday was official medical match day, so I hope all of the 4th year medicos waiting to find out where they matched ended up where they want! I want to specially congratulate my friend's cousin, who just found out she matched ENT at Albert Einstein! I should congratulate my other friend too, who pre-matched Peds at a hospital in Brooklyn. (sorry for the late shout out!)

This weekend I officially lose access to television. It's moving weekend. The movers come on Sunday morning at 8am (I don't know why I did that to myself, but I did.) My sofas are sold, and will be picked up tomorrow morning. For the next three months, I will be living from a second floor room, in a tiny town house in New Brunswick, before I take off the last week of June for my first cross country drive, ever! The next three months I plan to (1) Study and get the GRE out of the way, (2) read as many books at Barnes and Nobles as I can, (3) work out every day for at least an hour, (4) revamp my wardrobe to be more Michigan-esque.

On a social front, I have to hit up a few parties in NYC tonight with my girlfriend for St. Patty's day. Plans with the youngin' are tentative this weekend, as he informed me that he wanted to go curling (yes, I am being ousted from the schedule so he can go play shuffleboard on ice) this weekend with his buddies. It's probably for the best.. I can use the time to finish up with packing and the move. Plus, it opens up my availability for any new boys I meet out this weekend.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

NYC Blogger Event - Details

Details for the Blogger Event at Spice Market on April 14th.

Reservation for 14 at Spice Market on April 14th, Friday @ 8:30pm.
Minimum spend of $50 per person (add 20% mandatory gratuity)
Please bring cash --- we are allowed to settle the bill with either cash or only 3 credit cards.

The list is as it stands from my post on March 14th. Please let me know at least 5 days before the 14th if you plan to not attend. I can make revisions to the number in the party and the names on the list up to 4 days before.

If you wish to be identified on the list by a name other than your Blog Name, please let me know.
For NYC Subway people, the blue A and C lines runs right to Meat Packing. The restaurant is located at 13th and 9th. If you plan to bring someone, let me know so I can give you a plus 1 on the list (of course, depending on availability --- priority to bloggers!).

Hope to see everyone there!!!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Undergrad Waitlists

I will give an update regarding the NYC Blogger Dinner/ Night Out on April 14th in my next post. I am still working with the events coordinator at Spice Market to get details of a contract settled.

But I need advice.. My brother just found out that he was waitlisted at Swarthmore for undergrad. Are the rules of waitlist the same for undergrad as for b-school? I wasn't in the position in undergrad, and don’t know how to help him. I would really appreciate any one out there with any experience regarding this to give some advice so I can help my brother. Undergrad Admissions were crazy this year --- too many applicants! These guys were born in the year of the Dragon.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

NYC Bloggers UNITE @ Spice Market

To all the NYC Bloggers ---
So far, for our event on the April 14th, we have the following attendees:

MBA Cutie
MBA Jackass
Q Zoink
Tycoon (tentative)

But there is a dilema --- Spice Market will not take reservations of more than 8 people at dinner, and currently, for 8 people, we'd either have to seat at 6:30pm or 10:30pm on that day. HOWEVER, we can take a semi-private room if we have 9 or more bloggers (or invitees to attend) -- which I think we do. The catch is, there is a minimum spend of $50 / person (which in NYC --- is really, really easy to do!!!). Also, the spend is collective... meaning if one person spends $60 and another $40, that is ok, too.

I need your feedback ... either here, or email me... to go ahead with a reservation in the semi-private room at 8:00 or 8:30pm, or should we select somewhere else that can take all of us with no spend limits, or just limit our get together to 8 people for a 10:30pm dinner. Other suggestions I have are... Level V/Vento, Dos Caminos, Churasscaria Plataforma, Peep (less $$), Ruby Foos (less $$)... of course, please offer other suggestions as well.

Other info about Spice Market, it's a Jean Georges restaurant ( in the meat-packing district, and has been immensely popular since its openning. It features a wide variety of south asian street food, the drinks are unique and spectacular, and the bar is quite happening, but near impossible to get to in the evenings without a reservation.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Weed Flowers

No more snow! I think we have reached the end of the long, cold winter! This afternoon, I went home for lunch and noticed tiny, white weed flowers in the lawn of my apartment complex. The weather is fabulous, I'm ready to start taking out all my flower print skirts, pretty flip flop sandals, and sleeveless tops. The most annoying thing about spring on the east coast is that you cannot wear white until after Memorial Day. I miss California. No one cared about that rule! Although, the past weekend in Fremont was pretty rainy and overcast, at best. It was pretty cool to see snow on Mission Peak.

Regarding the NYC MBA Blogger night out: Spice Market (9th and 13th) on April 14th. Tomorrow, I will have an official timing. I am making a reservation for 12 (we can pare it down if necessary, but I want to make sure to have enough spots for everyone.)

Friday, March 10, 2006

Back on Track

Gym for two days in a ROW! And my apt is almost all packed up. And I'm starting to catch up on the mounds of work that found its way to my desk. My manager actually seemed to be in a good mood! And... I leave to come home to California in just a few hours.

For all those interested in the MBA Bloggers get together at Spice Market (13th and 9th) when Marina is in town the second weekend in April, please email me, so I can include you on the ciruclation list.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Sick Day

I needed a sanity day... so instead of going to New York City for work, I called in sick. I plan to spend the day, relaxing, packing and chilling out. If I knew that I wasn't leaving my job in a few months, I woudln't have dared try something like this, since I just took a week off for surgery one month ago. But now, with promotional opportunities irrelevant, and as long as stuff gets done, its a good time to take a day off.... but I plan to make it to work bright and early tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Private Equity Today is like ...

- the Junk Bond era of the 1980's
- the bubble of the 1990's
- the hedge fund craze of the early 2000's

Check out Forbes, March 13, 2006 Issue: The Buyout Bubble.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Accounting for Taste

Lately, a lot of people have been asking me what I think of the accounting profession and tips on what makes a good accountant. I've created a collection of skillsets that are important and thought I'd share.

The field is definitely dynamic, and there is a lot of information to keep up on... there are different areas to go into...compliance & corporate governance, public accounting/audit, tax, corporate accounting, treasury. I think the skills for good accountants to have:

(1) intense attention to detail
(2) tolerance of difficult work schedules, especially during the end of the year, and the end of quarters -- meaning long hours, sporadic timings (ie.. coming into work at 5am a day or two a month), the waiting game while your work is reviewed, and constant revisions.
(3) strong understanding of systems (computer systems, work flow charts, etc).
(4) innovative and resourceful
(5) great people skills -- ability to know when someone is being truthful and creating meaningful relationships with your business partners.
(6) ability to see big picture

If you are looking for the following things in a profession, accounting may not be for you:

(1) creativity --- while there is room for it, you have to seek out the opportunities, and many of them are in very niche, specialized areas.
(2) direct involvement in increasing the top line --- accountants and finance in a corporation are bottom line people... we create profits. Sales are what they are, and most times, it is difficult to increase them directly from our function.
(3) appreciated and well liked --- while accountancts and finance professionals do great things for companies, we are very often seen as the police, and regulators of an organization. We are can be the last to get information, and the first to be blamed if numbers aren't the way they should be. Many times our input and analysis is after the fact (this relates back to point #2). We are the bearers of bad news just as much as good news.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Double Date Weekend

Details on the double date weekend.

I was able to move the youngster to Saturday, so I met the Mich Alumn for Korean BBQ (a not so "scrumptous" place for a vegetarian) on Friday after work. It got off to a rocky start, as he was delayed at work, and I spent an hour perusing Barnes & Nobles, trying to occupy my time. We finally met, and I immediately noticed this bright, shiny gold band on his left ring finger. I tried to dismiss the warning signals in my head, but finally when he mentioned his wife, I freaked out and said, "you never mentioned that you were married." His response? "oh, I didn't think it would matter. You dont' mind do you? I don't always wear my ring." DO I MIND???? YES!!! OF COURSE I MIND. I have never finished dinner so fast. The second we stepped out of the restaurant, I instantly hailed a cab and made a run for it... saying goodby through the lowered window. I hope I never see that joker again! A definite date from hell.

Although, I was a bit skeptical of the thought of dating a youngster (22 year old, when I am 24), my readers were 100% right and I was so pleasantly surprised. Not only did we have a fabulous time discovering the delights of vegetarian sushi, and having fun drinking colorful cocktails, we also had a lovely evening bonding over our European travels, family histories, and silly computer stories from our youth. It was such a fun time, he is adorable, I was sad to see him go home when the date ended, but I hope he had as much fun as me, and we get to hang out again... soon.

Friday, March 03, 2006

What annoys me...

- When my cellphone text message box gets full and I can't receive or send more messages.
- When companies you are trying to DONATE something to have 5 ga-zillion restrictions.
- When big rigs manage to cut in front of you on the turnpike (once the truck lane ends).
- When you are finally free or have an afternoon off, everyone else is still working.
- When the ice on your windshield freezes so hard, you can't even scrape it off.
- When the weekend you schedule yourself to be out of town is the social weekend of the year.
- When people try to speak in an accent that is not their (not for kicks, but they are seriously trying to have that accent.)
- When people don't curb their dogs.
- When you are walking in a hallway, and someone walks right up in front of you and just stops to have a conversation with someone, totally blocking your path.

I can probably think of more.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Current Television Addictions

I will have no more television of my own in about 20 days. I didn't realize how addicted I have become to the TV. I think this happens a lot in the winter. The weather is cold. After a long day's work, it is so much easier to hit the gym and then just veg out.

Current Addictions:
(1) Days of Our Lives
(2) Style Me with Rachel Hunter
(3) The Bachelor in Paris --- just ended!!
(4) Beauty and the Geek 2
(5) America's Next Top Model
(6) American Idol
(7) The O.C.
(8) Sex and the City

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Double Booked!

Oh no! I just checked my calendar this morning and realized that I've accepted two dates for friday night. Now, I'm in the conundrum of figuring out if (a) I should reschedule one, (b) if a, then which do I reschedule, or (c) stay double booked and just schedule one early and then one late?

Is this a pre-test for the scheduling rigors of b-school interviewing?