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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Crappy Day.. after so many good ones!

I'm back in New York. And now I remember why I wanted to leave! So NYC is fun... sometimes! Last night I actually paid $16 for one martini. Yes, for ONE martini, not TWO, not FOUR, but ONE. And that didn't even include the tip. Welcome back to NYC, MBA Cutie!

Today, after training, I ran all the way to the Equinox on 43rd and 5th to catch the Brazilian Butt and Brazilian Tummy Tuck classes. OMG, the pain! I wonder if they will pay off. I'm almost afraid to go to bed because I don't know if I can take the burn tomorrow. Anyway, I exit Equinox at 6:30ish, and it is pouring rain. It's pouring rain in the middle of June! (Oh, how wonderful you are, California, my love!) Thank goodness I hadn't changed back into my work clothes. I ran through the streets back to my hotel only to discover that my cell phone wasn't working. I would open it up, but the screen would be totally blank, yet it buzzed and lit up just like it was really receiving text messages and phone calls. How terribly frustrating!

I came into the hotel, forked over $14.95 to get online access in my room (oh yes, thank you again, spiteful New York!), and then found where the closest Verizon store was. I had only 25 minutes to make it there before it closed. Out into the rain again. I made it. They fixed it.

My big lesson: Never again will I buy a Motorola phone. Oh wait, maybe it was never again will I come to NYC without an umbrella... even in summer.


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