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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Radio Talk Show: Good Looking People

I have started listening to day time talk radio while at work. Yes, I know. But today's topic on one of the local stations was what are the advantages of being a good looking person. Supposed tradditionally good looking people:

- Are more likely to receive a job offer.
- Are less likely to commit a crime.
- Are more likely to be perceived as truthful.
- Are more likely to receive help from a stranger.
- Are more likely to stay single longer than their less good looking counterparts.

There were more on the list, but I couldn't write them all down. Interesting.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Cradle Robbing

My girlfriend visited me from San Francisco and we had the most fabulous time out in New York City. First we had dinner at this cute Thai restaurant in Soho, Peep, (Prince between Thompson and Sullivan) and after that we headed out to various bars. By the end of the evening we went to the Park (17th and 10th) where this MBA Cutie met a NYC Cutie, whom I proceeded to spend time with, and he turned out to be intelligent, well spoken, well traveled, and ambitious... and also... 22 years old. AHHH! I know that shouldn't be a big deal, but I have never, ever in my life gone for a younger guy. I don't know if it's for me. But then again, I will never know if I don't give it a try. :)

Friday, February 24, 2006


I attended the Admitted Students reception at the Morgan Stanley building (41st floor) at 47th and Broadway last night. I am so happy I went. I got to meet so many well spoken, accomplished alumni. I have to say --- the overriding factor that convinced me to apply to Michigan, and now, reaffirms that I've made the right choice is that no matter how many alumni I speak to, from ANY of the graudate or undergrad schools at U of M, no one has anything negative to say about their experiences there -- apart from the weather.

I am really excited and cannot WAIT to GO BLUE!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Dining Table

I just sold my dining table. It's gone, and I'm $90 richer. I feel a bit sheepish getting sentimental about a dining table, but I had so many good memories with that thing: studying for finals, drinking sake with my friends, serving dinner, and writing holiday cards. I think it's hard to let any part of your past go.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I've become such a foodie lately. I'm trying to plan out my goodbye party and I think it would be really fun to have a catered party at a cute, trendy bar in Manhattan. My friend is visiting from Califonia on Saturday, and we're going to go check out this new hotspot, called PEEP. It's a Thai restaurant with pink decor on Prince Street in Soho. I hope it works out and I can have my party there.

I am so anxious for school to start. I'm really looking forward to Go Blue Rendevous. I think I just want to be back in that academic environment and enjoy studying, learning, and having a semi-irregular schedule. Best of all, I can wear jeans and chill out almost every day!

Monday, February 20, 2006


I went to the grocery store today to restock my fridge. I missed the memo that it's time to start buying easter stuff. When did everything become so commercial that the second we get past Valentines Day, it's already time to start merchandising for Easter? I don't know what's scarier, that time is passing so quickly or that the retailers want it to pass so quickly!

Any how, I wandered into the Easter section and came across one of my favorite easter bunny delights: PEEPS! For just 88 cents, you get a whole package of neon pastel colored marshmallow fluff. The one time I tried eating a peep, I promptly spit it out, as it just tasted like sweet, processed cotton balls. But there are so many exciting things to do with peeps. My favorite being putting one into the microwave and watching it expand and blow up after just a few seconds. It does wreck havoc on the microwave, but it was fun nonetheless.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Another NYC Night

I went out in NYC last night. It was 19 degrees outside. I don't know how we even functioned. We gathered at my friend's place at 9:00pm and started the cocktail mixing. I was the token non-medico in a sea of Pediatricians. The night started early and ended late. We headed over to Eugene's (24th and 6th) and then over to Pravda (Thompson and Layfayette), which was a little more chill. At some point, guava crepes were consumed at the Coffee Shop (Union Square).

Next week should be equally fun. My girlfriend will be in town from California!

Friday, February 17, 2006


Happy Friday!

This weekend, I have to take pictures of all my furniture and then post ads for it on Craig's list. It's pretty bittersweet to let go of all of it. It's followed me around through most of my professional career thus far.

I'm really looking forward to heading to the Michigan Reception next week. It will be nice to have a chance to see what some of my fellow classmates will be like. I'm nervous about leaving my job and heading back to school, but I really think I need a change and I hope that I can find a career I really love.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

And it's a No...

It's too bad. Out of H and W, I liked W so much more. I'm sad, but I guess it was just not meant to be. So now, I can plan to head off to Michigan... If W says no, there is no way that H will say yes.. and because of my mixed feelings with them, I think I'll just be happier at Mich, even if they did say yes.


Today is the last day for Wharton... and I'm still decisionless. Funny how my bad news decisions seem to want to come on the last day... I will keep everyone posted!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


In Frances Hodgson Burnett's novel, A Little Princess, Sara Crewe infers that it is difficult to identify the true character of someone until they go through hardships, or "trials". She said that she will never be able to tell what sort of person Lavinia is because she never has "trials". Poor Sara experienced some terrible trials in her short lifetime, and she did come out of them maintaining the composure and integrity of a princess.

I can't help but think of the trials I went through this year, and whether or not I was able to act with the same integrity of Sara Crewe.

*Idiopathic Illness
*Loss of a dear friend
*Permanent cross country move away from family
*Confusion regarding job, interests, and lot in life

I can't say I always have, but I do think the trials have made me stronger. I think that these trials have helped me to further introspect and really grab hold of who I am and what I aspire to be. Life experiences create depth, feeling and personality. As difficult as trials are, I'm happy to know, my character does possess a resilient strength that I can rely on in the the future.

Good luck to all those awaiting an interview decision from Chicago! And best of luck to all those waiting for tomorrow's decisions from Wharton! (You're in good company.)

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day to all my readers. I hope that your days are filled with love, joy, success and anything else your heart desires.

I had to drop my dad off at the train station today. He is flying back to San Jose today. It was incredibly difficult to let him leave. Even though I haven't lived at home in eight years, and I really consider myself to be a very independent, detached person, driving back from the train station after a week of company, I can't help but ask myself am I more lonely than I admit to myself? I threw myself into academics, extracurriculars, work, and personal developement for most of my life, and I'm still not sure I really want anyone around full time right now. But, I did enjoy having someone around that I care about.

I'm a bit sad about my delayed trip to Montreal. I've been watching the fantasy dates on the Bachelor (this week's episode). I haven't really ever had a true "fantasy date", other than a few trips to Las Vegas or San Diego with old boyfriends, and one trip to New York City. I did go to Ibiza and Barcelona with a guy, but it was just two friends travelling. Maybe I can save Montreal to be my real "fantasy" date next time I have a chance. :)

Monday, February 13, 2006

Blizzard of Lifetime

We got almost 28 inches of snow where I am. The worst Blizzard in the north east EVER. This is insane! At least now the temperature has come up a bit. Last night was bitter.

I am doing a lot better. I still have quite a bit of pain, but my appetite is back, I can shower again, and yesterday, I even think I looked semi-cute. The color is back in my cheeks. Looks like all is well.

I RSVPed my yes response to the NYC reception for Michigan, so I'm excited about that. It's on the 23rd, and I decided to not bring anyone along. I'm going to Michigan on my own, so I should also jump out on that limb and go to the reception on my own. I'm a little nervous about leaving the workforce and heading back to school. I wonder if anyone else is feeling similar jitters.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Side Effects

1) Pain -- soo much pain, esp in my right chest at the incision points.. The Percoset is helping, but the doctor didn't write the prescription clearly so the pharmacy will only give me one dose a day.

2) General Anesthesia -- nausea and LOTS of it. I didn't eat anything for two days, but because of the IV, all the rough medicines, including potassium pills and a drip, that they made me ingest, it all did such a number on my tummy. General Anesthesia also stops bladder function, so I literally had to relearn how to go to the bathroom.

3) Bloating -- I ate nothing for a day and a half but because of all the fluids pumped into me, the swelling, and my inability to use the bathroom easily, I am puffy and gained 4 pounds in one day. Supposedly, it's supposed to go away.

4) Just gross -- not allowed to take a shower for two days and oozing at the incisions points.

I want to feel better soon! I am supposed to walk around and breathe deeply, but it is SO PAINFUL. Ok, most updates later.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Long Wait

My dad cracks me up. He is flying into La Guardia and is supposed to figure out how to take the bus from there to Penn Station, where he will catch NJ Transit, to come to New Brunswick, to meet me. He's staying with me until the 14th because my surgery is tomorrow, and then he will hang out while I recover to make sure I'm OK, etc. He is also not used to the concept of having a cell phone. He has one, but he never answers it. Half the time he forgets it somewhere, or doesn't even turn it on. He was supposed to call me when he landed in La Guardia. I checked online, his plane landed over half an hour ago, but no call. So I call him. No answer. So I text message him.

Now you have to know the store of the "text message" with my dad. Once I texted him "hello", just for the hell of it. He calls me back frantic, wondering what was wrong because he sees my name appear on his phone, but he was unable to answer it. So it was no surprise to me that after my long wait wondering if my dad would call from the airport, that when I text message him "Dad, r u here yet?" the response was his phone texting me back "Dad, r u here yet?" In some ways, it was actually kind of sweet. At least I know he tried.

Monday, February 06, 2006


I have to give Electronic Arts credit for the best game ever invented…. The SIMS. That's right. Who had ever thought that this game where you can create and control your own person/ people through their lives would be so addictive… especially to the non-traditional gamer. I recently purchased a copy of Sims 2… and am enjoying it immensely! In the course of 3 hours, my character has managed to get a promotion at work, meet, seduce, and marry a young bachelor from the neighborhood, and go to the grocery store to restock her kitchen. If anyone out there knows the cheat in SIMS 2 that would correspond to the "rosebud" cheat in SIMS, I would be incredibly thankful. :)

I hear that Harvard interview invitations have started dribbling out. Good luck to all those that have applied this round.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Rainy Day

I thought that this weekend was supposed to be better weather, but it's given me an excuse to have a Gilmore Girls Marathon. I have many seasons to catch up on... I just started watching it a few weeks ago. Other good news... I found a temporary sublet for March 20 to Mid-July. The only downside is that I won't have unlimited internet connection there, but I think my Netflix will come in really handy. That and my gym membership. I can't believe I'm really leaving here to head off to Ann-Arbor. I'm getting more and more excited. Everyone I know that has spend time there has loved it and been so happy. I cannot wait to start my new, exciting social life. New York has been fun, but I'm so ready for something different... where a drink isn't $10.

My sister, brother and I are planning a crazy fun trip either before or after our India adventure this summer. I'm leaning towards heading to Bangkok for a few days before or after we get to India. My brother really wants to spend some time perusing through the UK. I guess I'd be ok with that... but if we're in London, I think we should hop on a cheap flight to Ibiza. (Ok, I've been there twice, but my brother and sister have never been there. Plus, I don't think I have the hear to let this year pass without me setting foot in Spain...)

Friday, February 03, 2006

Know - It - All

I haven't even been at this company for a full year yet, and I am suddenly the go-to girl. Even my manager has no clue how to get a hold of some of the information I find or complete the analyses I do. I wonder what will happen when I make the official announcement that I'm leaving for b-school. My manager is a little ansy that I'll be out of the office just for one week because of my surgery. After a two year stint at what one could call the "most perfectly run company", life in this chaotic office, where no one knows what their job really is and no one can take ownership over any one area (for fear that all responsibility will be transferred to them), initially felt like I had been thrown to the sharks. I think I’m getting the hang of it now. And, what's more, I'm actually able to mentor others on crazy CPA concepts like how a balance sheet is a flash in time, and why I want my account heirarchy to have a particular structure. It feels good to know what I'm doing. I only wish I enjoyed it more!

I'm in the process of arranging informative interviews at target companies where I'm interested in obtaining internships or full time offers, but who don't actively recruit at Michigan (or Harvard or Wharton, for that matter). Lonely Planet obviously comes to mind… I would LOVE to work with them, with business development, PR/Marketing, and Sales. I guess if they want to utilize my financial skills, I may give in. But what fun it would be to work for a company with main offices in Oakland, Sydney, and London.

The Admissions office at Michigan contacted an alunmi that happens to work here at my present company. She reached out to me, which was incredibly nice of her. Now I can ask her all the nitty-gritty questions about life in Ann-Arbor that I'm dying to know.

Thursday, February 02, 2006


This is a very odd observation, and I didn't realize until the docent at the Cooper-Hewitt Museum pointed it out to our tour group on Monday. She asked us to pick our favorite dress from the collection (I had two -- a gorgeous Armani Ribbon strapless dress with a full skirt; and an army print slinky one shoulder Dior floor length dress). She then said, almost undoubtably, women tend to pick the dress that would look or has the potential to look the best on them. She was right, I would have loved to have donned either dress, but practically speaking both Armani and Dior dresses are comfortably out of my price range. I wonder if this applies to other things as well. When it comes to my favorite or who I think are the most beautiful celebs, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Salma Hayek… they are olive complected with dark flowing hair and curvier body types… just like me! Oddly enough, I am great at attracting and dating men that find Salma Hayek to be incredibly attractive. One of my girlfriends loves Angelina Jolie, and although she doesn't quite look like her, she does embody quite a few characteristics of her persona, and they do have a similar facial shape.

So is it true? Are our favorite things usually things that we relate to most closely?

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Harvard Hesitations

Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to go to Harvard. I hoped I would have the opportunity to go as an undergrad. But, my application was submitted and then subsequently waitlisted and rejected. Although my dream came to a halt, Harvard was still in the back of my mind as an option for graduate school.

Recent events have made me want to re-evaluate my relationship with Harvard. I can no longer say outwardly that I truly want to go there. And my decision has more to do with the people I have met, worked with, befriended, and dated post-college than with the instituation itself. With the exception of one person, almost everyone I have come across with a degree from that school fits into one of two categories: (1) extremely out there, odd, different... almost something freakishly inconsistent OR (2) incredibly --- usually unwarranted --- high opinion of themselves. For the ones that fall into category 1... I generally came across them through my classical music endeavors. To give them the benefit of the doubt, most of the people involved in classical music at a high caliber performance level do interact oddly in social situations. The category 2's however, are a totally different story...

It seems like Harvard has a way of taking people, who were perfectly lovely and down to earth, and turning them into status and money crazed, self-centered individuals. I cannot say that everyone from Harvard is that way, because I have not met everyone from there and I cannot generalize to that extent. But the individuals I have come across from the Undergrad, Law, Business, and Public Policy Schools, often claim to be open minded but look down their noses at non- Harvard people, or anyone with a different opinion than them. And almost all of them love to be repeatedly told how smart they are, how wonderful they are, how perfect they are because they went to Harvard. One actually told me once how pleased she was that someone found out she went to Harvard and pulled her asside in a group of people to tell her how smart and wonderful she is. I wonder how that made everyone else feel.

My question is, is this the power that Harvard has over it's constituency? or is it good at self selecting individuals that are already encompassing of this personality? is there pressure to acclimate if you are not like that? and, I guess most importantly, if I had the opportunity to go to HBS, is it inevitable that I would become that type of person as well?

Of course, this is not a dilema I have at the moment, but if it was, I don't know if I'm willing to go. On the whole, I have been unimpressed with Harvard grads, not because I think they lack achievement, but because most of the ones I've come across lack sensitivity, compassion, and creativity. I don't want to go to Harvard if it means I will lose those things, as they are more important to me than having HBS on my resume.