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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The most AWESOME guy!

When I got home today, there was this huge envelope in my mailbox from Michigan. Of course I start hyperventilating. I open it, and it's an invitation for me to learn more about Women at Ross. Great... I totally support the cause, but do they have to send it like that?! In a huge envelope set to arrive exactly one month after the application was due? It scared me half to death!

I have the most wonderful friend in the world. He works in private equity and is doing this deal with Fredrick Fekkai.. and guess who got a package full of products today, delivered right ot her office?? That's right! ME!!!! Thank you!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


** In response to those who feel my comments regarding kids on planes were ... out of line... Perhaps I was writing more out of frustration and fatigue than rational thought. It is true that there are plenty of reasons why babies cry on planes, and I do feel I am sympathetic to them when I am there. The main point I wanted to make was why hasn't anyone developed the market for child-free flights? (Of course I mean flights that are not on Hooters Air.)

It's only been 2 days and I miss California so much. One of my friends here is even interviewing for jobs in California next week, and I'm still here, in the miserable cold! I can't wait to get the chance to go home for a while. Kellogg, hurry up and make your decision!!!!

I've been trying to figure out what to do if I don't get into MBA school this year. I think I will:
1) Look for jobs outside of finance.
2) Move back to California
3) Go to medical school... once i finish the pre-req's, of course.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Crying Babies

I don't like kids. Yes, I'm a girl. Yes, I'm aware that I probably sound like the meanest person alive, but it's true. I don't like kids. Maybe I will like my own kids one day, but they had better be well behaved... or else! I don't like kids because you have to entertain them, take care of them, they are not the cleanest creatures, and they don't stick to schedules. Right now, I don't like kids even more. I spent 2 hours out of my 4 and 1/2 hour red eye flight from San Jose to New York sitting next to a couple whose baby decides halfway through the flight to just start screaming. FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON. You can just imagine my mood at work today. Thankfully, my manager is in another office, so I can be a little spazzy.

I don't think it's the kid's fault that she chose to cry on the plane. I 100% blame the parents. Why on earth would you bring a baby onto a red eye flight with other business travellers??!! If your child cannot be quiet on a plane, don't take them on flights where the majority of the plane is trying to grasp what little sleep they can. Or you take them to the doctor and get them some medicine to make sure they are quiet during the whole flight. I just think it's common courtesy. I may sound like a terribly inconsiderate person, but I'm not the one that chose to have a baby. If you have a baby, take care of it, and take care of it without causing major uneccessary inconveniences to others. I was bumped up to first class on my trip to San Jose, and even then, a baby screaming like crazy on the plane disturbs everyone. It doesn't matter what class you are in. Why can't planes offer baby - free flights, especially for red eyes? I would happily pay the extra 50 bucks to ensure that someone won't sit next to me with a child in their lap that choses to yell, scream and kick through the entire flight.

Other than that, my thanksgiving holiday, although too short, was wonderful! I didn't get a chance to visit the Stanford Campus. I didn't really work on my essays either. I guess I know what I'm doing this weekend....

I may have to miss my company Christmas Party at the Waldorf Astoria. It's the same day my dad flies into Philadelphia and I have to go pick him up. :(

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Do you know what UAB is? There are only a few people in the states that know what UAB is, and I actually met one of them yesterday on the train. For those not in the know, UAB stands for "U R Beautiful", and it's one of the most frequented dance hot spots in Florence, Italy. At least it was in April 2004.. and according to this girl, it still is.

I have to give my gorgeous friend props! She's a designer and a private label company actually wants to knock off her designs. What an awesome compliment.

I'm all packed up and ready to go home! I'm still at work, but we're supposed to get out early today. Considering the consumer products company I work for makes really great products, my suitcase is more full of gifts than clothes or other belongings! I can't wait... I haven't seen my home or family since July 4th. And, I think I can get a LOT of essay writing done this weekend.

Monday, November 21, 2005


I'm a total and utter screw up! I told someone off because I got mad at them from "heresay" information and it turns out that I was completely wrong! And what's worse, is I basically kicked this person when they were down. Not that they were that great a person to begin with, but it seems like I'm really good at doing this: Screwing things up that were just fine to begin with.

I'm so excited to go home for the holidays. I can actually take a chance to tour the Stanford GSB campus, although I'm a little scared. What if I love it? Then it will be doubly hard if I am not getting into Stanford.

Someone asked me about the Kellogg interview. I was one of those ridiculously organized freaks during first round, so I got my intervew done with even before the first round application deadline. It went well, I didn't find it difficult. The questions weren't too probing, and the alum I had the interview with was very nice and conversational. He was extremely interested in my european travels and work experience. He asked me to describe a time that it was difficult to work in a team/ group. The interview lasted almost 2 hours, and he had it at TGI Fridays. He told me to dress casually, but I still wore business casual. He showed up in a sweatshirt, khakis and flip-flops!

My Boca Burger promotional plan is coming along really well. I'm so excited about presenting it tomorrow in class!

Sunday, November 20, 2005


I decided to give Philadelphia a try and ended up out at Denim last night with a friend of mine who was visiting from California. The Philly scene reminded me a lot of Boston.

I tried to work on essays today, but it just didn't happen. I'm taking a marketing class at FIT and have been pulling together a promotional campaign for Boca Burger. I have to admit, it's kind of fun. I'm hoping to finish out the rest of my essays over Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Carrie & Big & Natasha

I went out to this place in Manhattan called Cellar Bar to meet up with some friends from my old company that I haven't seen in ages! The bar is on 40th between 5th and 6th, and it was PACKED with suits. It's like every banker and consultant in midtown decided to drop by there when they got out of work, or could take a break off work. It was such a "Big" scene, as I could totally see him hanging out there, cognac in one hand and cigar in the other, flashing that Big smile of his. It was a fun night, with lots of dancing, and with all the girls out, we managed to attract some attention. The night couldn't help but make me think of my own "Big" situation. Although mine was more recent than 5 years ago, and I certainly didn't find his picture in the paper with the "stick figure with no soul", a Natasha did manage to show up, and of course, all I can say is that, "He looks happy", and to myself.. it's over... and you know what? It really is.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Say Something Original! Everyone is Balancing...

I feel like I just have to say something about this, because it has been driving me crazy for the past few years. I’m an avid fan of South Asian writing, both native and diasporic, but the past few years, it seems that every South Asian person in America writing a book focuses on the struggles of growing up balancing cultures. Hand me almost any book out there by a young South Asian American, and whether I have read it or not, and I can probably tell you the jist of it. Sure, there have been a few gems published that deal with this subject, most recently The Namesake. However, when I hear of story after story written by 12 year old so and so, or 19 year old so and so… they all have the same theme!

My challenge to the South Asian writers out there is this: Almost every ethnic group in America plays out that trite story of balancing their ethnic heritage with the American culture. In most major cities in the U.S., Indian-Americans are no longer the "exotic" minority that one rarely comes across. We’re common place, growing, and most importantly, accepted as a part of society… We have begun to create our own diasporic culture within the world we once claimed to be at constant odds with. Is the question still that of a balancing act? Or, rather, is the question really "Can we live with the newly shaped Indian diasporic culture in America? (A diasporic culture that we ourselves created.) Is what we ended up creating what we really wanted?"

On an MBA note, I have managed to get through the day without checking a single status page or Forum. I am really trying to stay away from those forums! They seem to unnerve me. It is 6:39pm on Friday and I'm still at work. The scary part of the whole thing is that I work IN INDUSTRY! I'm not a banker or consultant, and I certainly don’t get compensated to be here. And I wonder why I have such a hard time arranging a suitable time to meet someone for a date. It's impossible, I'm always at work!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Bloody Enough?

Stanford interviews started coming out yesterday I think! Now I'm anxiously awaiting an invite. Future MBA Girl, I now understand the suspense you went through.

I can't help but feel my Stanford Essay A: "What is most important to you" just didn't bleed enough. Sure, it bled of "me", but did it bleed of emotion and strength and personal struggle for self realization through an epiphany? I'm gonna have to say a "no". Maybe I'll have to say "no" to an interview invite....

There is nothing like the free turkey-day lunch in the cafeteria. It totally reminded me why I don't eat there.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Beauty, Brains, and One-Night Stands

Being simultaneously pretty and smart can be a curse. My experience as I get older and older, is that I have to pick which asset I want to use. It's almost like the two together are equate to such a powerful weapon that one cannot safely control their power. I spent many of my high school and college years pretending to be bored in class (or actually being bored in class!), and learned to not raise my hand unless I had to. No one likes a smart alec, know-it-all. I thought when I would get older, it wouldn't matter. Then this crazy thing happened... almost overnight I became cute and foxy... and then being smart and pretty? I've joined a whole new ball game.
The New Rules:
(1) Beauty is inversely related to Intelligence.
(2) Beautiful people with intelligence have to prove themselves over and over.
(3) No matter how hard you try, if you are a beautiful smart girl, some percent of the population will always see you as nothing but pretty.
(4) What men want and what men say are two totally different things: So when a guy says he wants a smart girl.. he most likely means he wants a smart girl that will still let him shine and think he's smarter than her.

Miranda on SATC was so right... an unemployed good looking guy in Manhattan is a catch, but a successful, well - educated, beautiful girl must have something wrong with her. Time to leave Manhattan!

Well considering I'm on this topic, I came across something incredibly funny on the BW message boards and decided to share. "Your relationship with the ad com is nothing but a one night stand. You bare your soul to them, and hope that they pick you. Sure everyone wants to live with them, but when they have to chose, the ones with the best figures usually get picked (730 vs. 680)." Good luck everyone! And keep up those figures!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Once again...

I couldn't get nearly enough done tonight. It's been a rough night. It's funny how some times you can be everything... but the way other people act still make you wonder if you are good enough. It really has been my experience that what goes around comes around, but I just wish that I got to be around to see it happen. Some times I wonder why I even try... maybe i just won't the next couple of months. I have enough going on than to have to deal with outside drama.

I am not looking forward to class in New York tomorrow night. It's going to be such a stressful day. At least I have the most comfortable bed in the world....

Monday, November 14, 2005

IPOD Nano!!!

For all those doubters out there of Medical Charity Balls... this chick actually won an IPOD nano!!!! That's right! At the Charity Ball. I can't refute the comments of gotten regarding the egocentric nature of Indian doctors. My experience has been the ego is often directly corrolated to the specialty. I'm not saying that I have sworn them off, but my tip to all those girls out there is to brush up on your medical knowledge, so you can debate with the best of them. We can cut those egos down! Anyway, this MBA cutie has quite an ego herself... let's see any indian doc try to compete with me for the most egotistical awards.

Interesting conversation with my friend about how now that we've grown up, we care less about our friends. It's kind of true, you get so wrapped up in your own life and your own things, it's really hard to focus on other people's lives and events. It's not that I care less. It's really more that my life has become so much more involved and I can barely keep my own stuff under control, much less remember what's going on in others lives.

Harry Potter is released in just 4 days! BUT I have to wait until Thanksgiving to see it. I am so happy to go home to Cali for Thanksgiving. Maybe I can take some time to check out Stanford GSB. I was so good today, I didn't check a single status page on any of my applications. Ok... to the gym, and then back to my essays!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Charity Functions and Hotel Management

Yes, I'm here blogging instead of working on my Wharton/Harvard essays. I am just so unmotivated for them since my top two dream schools were in my first round submissions. For all you Wharton R1's out there, I hear that Nov 17th is the day of the last interview invites, so good luck to all of you! I'll be biting my nails to nubbins some time in February, when I'm in your shoes.

So New York kinda sucked last night. It was mostly because I was so exhausted from the night before and my friend who had just returned from Orlando wasn't feeling well at all. Fed up with the monstrous crowd and screwed up attitudes outside Marquee, I left and went back to Grammercy, because MBA Cutie is one girl that refuses to wait in line (or be treated as anything less than royalty, even if there is no red carpet). The highlight, by far, was some stupid paparazzi taking my picture while I'm text messaging in front of the club. I'm like "Who are you?" and the idiot is like "Just one picture, ma'am. " Ok fine, whatever. You think I'm important enough to take a picture of, then fine. As they say, any publicity is better than no publicity. I have to admit, I haven't seen that kind of a paparazzi show since I left Los Angeles. Everything is pointing me back to lovely California. Even the paparazzi.

I feel bad because I was supposed to go to this Cornell Hospitality Management Mixer tonight in New York. Instead, I'm getting roped out to a Charity Function for the Indian Physicians Association of New Jersey... or something like that. I'm not even a doctor, and I wanted to learn about how to open a hotel in Ibiza. (Ok, so I'm obsessed with Ibiza!) But an Uncle that I haven't seen since I was maybe 10 years old has invited me to this other thing, so I guess I must go. If MBA school doesn't work out, at least I can always fall back on Medical School. I seem to know enough doctors.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

NYC Nights

Cali friend was in town this week. After those awesome adventures on Monday (Milk & Honey and the Canadian Hedge fund boys) we decided to have a part two last night. So fun! Out at Glo in NYC for the night, the usual drama, the usual "chatting" up went on. Also, as usual, I saw about 15 people I know but haven't seen in ages. The fake eyelashes came out again, and heightened the attention. Maybe I'm making a mistake not applying to Columbia, but then, I'm really ready to start my life outside of New York. There is just something about California that New York City can never replace for me: family and memories. Even if some of those old memories weren't the greatest, there is a lot to be said for history.

Tonight, I'm back in the city again and I'm hoping to convince the group to check out this hot new bar... called ASPEN... on 22nd between 5th and 6th. It's a Colorado ski lodge, right in the heart of Manhattan. Turns out I may end up at Marquee.... the NYC life never ceases to amaze me.

Friday, November 11, 2005

What are my chances?

The weirdest thing I notice on the BW Forums is people listing descriptions of their statistics/ numbers and asking people to tell them their chances at certain schools. It's almost like a perverted version of personal ads. "SWM, 6'2'', 185lbs, seeking SWF" What are the chances you'll actually find that?

Only because I've probably aroused the curiosity, I'll hint to my stats (99% GMAT, avg gpa, finance), but if I can give ONE piece of advice to all my fellow applicants out there this is it: Looks like stats will not get you into anywhere. I am trying my best to remember how important it is that I'm a well rounded, awesome person, with "blondish" tendencies... that any b-school would love to have. So my advice is "If you love you, they'll love you." (We hope, right?)

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Work Efficiency

Ok, so those people out there that know me are well aware that I'm ready to hang up my badge and pick up my student ID as soon as possible. However, today... for what seems like the first time in ages, I really am enjoying my work. I got a lot done, and took on some new stuff... and my manager has been in the best mood!

We had this meeting today describing the results of the "employee voice" survey. I have to admit, the work habits of the French astound me. "We don't want to have definition regarding job roles because then employees will be unmotivated to go above and beyond their job roles." Um ok.. but what about developing a few standard operating procedures so we know what we're doing? Or even, a contact list? So I don't bother everyone in the department to figure out who I call because I've been locked out of the G/L system? I now have the opportunity to join the communications team and make an impact at our organization. This means more trips to the New York City Office. What fun.

I have decided that I will apply to HBS. After so much temptation to visit the BW Forum, I have resisted for the day. I actually came to my decision because I met a wonderful young lady who has a company that makes these fabulous purses! You must check her out at And for all my friends in LA, she's in Fred Segal! And most importantly, she went to UCLA and was an Economics major, she worked in Consumer Products at Nike.. and now she has a real life company in the fashion world!

So my friend has gotten me totally hooked on Shopaholic! That serial was MADE for me! If only it really were possible to be a financial television consultant and a professional shopper. And even better, one for Barneys. Well maybe one day... after I start my cosmetics company, my niche skincare retail stores, and my boutique hotel in Ibiza.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

First Round Schools

Instead of insanely surfing through BW forums, hoping and praying that I find out if my stats are good enough to actually land me a spot in one of the schools I so desperately want to go to. All I know right now is that I want to high-tail out of New York City as soon as possible and get started on my cosmetics company. Everyone has said to stay away from the BW Forum, supposedly it freaks you out for no reason. Yeah, no kidding!

I had no idea I would even be applying this year. I was on vacation in Atlanta (or HOTlanta as some people call it) with my friend, and was scheduled to take the GMAT the day I got back. It was just a "let me see how I do" sort of thing. I had been studying for 3 weeks and was seriously debating on whether or not to take a Kaplan or Princeton Review GMAT course. Then, instead of dropping a few grand on a course, I figured I should actually see how I do. Well I did well! .. and the next thing I know, I'm applying to b-school... right now!

So of course if I want to leave New York City.... my number one choice is Stanford GSB. I was a little cynical of the place at first (after all, they rejected me from their undergrad program) but then I was so impressed by the composure, poise, and accomplishments of the individuals I met at their informational session, which was in the Good Morning America room in Times Square. The curriculum in general managment is awesome, and their career services center seems really outstanding. The Director of Admissions kept saying that some things are great when taken to scale, but a graduate education isn't one of them... I have to say I agree. After years of excessive crowding and a hard time getting into the classes I wanted... it would be great to be somewhere where the profs actually know my name! I submitted my application in the first round.. my first application ever! And now I'm just driving myself crazy on if I'll get an interview invite or not. I talked to someone who's currently at the school and he told me to just sit tight.. he didn't get his invite until mid-December. MID-DECEMBER! You've got to be kidding me.

I got out my Kellogg and Michigan applications for the first round too... everything is complete and I went out of my way to get all the interviews done early ... so once again... all that is left is the waiting game. I love Kellogg... I went to Northwestern to study Physics when I was in high school, visited the Kellogg school and fell in love with it. I loved living in Evanston, and Chicago is such a great city. I made some of the most awesome friends there, and one of my old high school buddies is doing medical research at the Feinberg School! The next decision from them will be admit, waitlist or deny. So scary. I want to know, but I don't want to know. At least now, there is a chance, but if I know and its deny... there is no chance!

Michigan... I was mostly interested in this school because of the MAPP program... its like a residency for b-school students! And you can do almost anything during it.. from government work to international private equity. I don't know a single person that went to Ross (or UMich for that matter) and didn't love their experience there.

I guess only time will tell... going forward, I'm going to provide a MBA Cutie's thought for the day.... today's is "For girls, the MBA is the easiest way to an MRS." Haha, j/k! Ok I'll give a real one, "When you finish your first set of essays... you'll be shocked to realize just how accomplished you are. When you finish your last set of essays... you'll wonder why you just wrote that many essays and you are not even published!"