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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Mud Bath

I've slacked on the posting. I admit it. Things just kind of came about in a whilwind over the past few days and I haven't have time to breathe. Drinking hard and studying hard totally takes a toll on your body. Maybe too much of a toll on mine. I had forgotten about the "freshmen 15" but considering the amount of alcohol we all can legally ingest the second we arrive at business school, I wonder if it should actually be called the "MBA 40" or something like that. Physical therapy just hasn't been enough. I need to get myself out of bed early enough to actually make it to Ballys more often.

I know everyone is dying to know... how good did our victory over Wisconsin feel this weekend? GO BLUE! Totally awesome. And it was followed by an even more awesome tailgate, sponsored by Target. Food catered by Zingerman's, a fully stocked Bloody Mary bar, all you can take goodies from Archer Farms (target's generic premium brand). Smartly, or stupidly? I decided to go ahead and sell my ticket for the Michigan State game. I know, I know. But what I've found is that after a morning of drinking (YES! I finally made it out to the first year pre-bus breakfast!), standing through the game is a lot more work than I expected it to be. That and waiting for the bathroom, and the general density of the crowd just gets to me. So me and my , uh.. how do I put this, "current man" (CM) decided to take a break from the game at half time and rejoin the bus.

At the tailgate, CM got a phone call. His friend's car had been towed! So we had to leave the tailgate and go help him out. We were to tired to return, but I wish I had! Supposedly, everyone was so excited and with so many out of town guests, the dancing just took off, there was beer sprayed everywhere. Target bags strewn out into the street. And eventually, it just became one, wild, muddy party. Damn. I need to make sure I make it out there post game on October 7th.

Toga Party this FRIDAY!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Coming Out

This is perhaps one of the most difficult decisions any MBA Cutie has to make: once you spend enough time with someone, should you come out into the open and let the whole class know? Or should you continue to lay low, analyze your options, and not take yourself off the market too quickly? Definitely the question of the week at Ross it seems, as Cupid manages to dart around and shoot at various members of our first year class. We all say that we are here to date guys from the med school, the law school, or the undergrad super seniors, but the truth is, when you are around the same people day in and day out, you can't dodge every arrow, and you may find yourself in the predicament that some of the MBA Cuties in our class have discovered. To come out, or not to come out?

As a whole our class has been good at keeping things under wraps. Unfortunately, events with lots and lots of alcohol do manage to extract even the best kept secrets, as a few of us found out at our infamous bus, wine club and tailgates over the past few weeks. Needless to say, there are benefits in either direction.

Pro Come-Out:
1) You don't have to worry about people finding out.
2) It's ok to leave parties together and if you are caught holding hands, that's ok too.
3) Less pressure, no jealousy. You don't wonder if the cute co-ed your man or cutie is talking to is someone trying to move in on the other person.
4) You can join the ranks of the many who have passed through the halls of B-School and dipped their pen in the school ink. Hey, it's good practice for life in the real world, right?

Con Come-Out:
1) You will have the most public relationship ever. And you thought Jessica Simpson had it bad.
2) Past hook ups may come out of the woodwork and taunt you internally, or your significant other externally.
3) You are immediately off the market. Even if you WANT to play a little, there is no way you can get away without the other finding out unless you go outside the school.
4) If it all goes bad, you have to deal with working in groups and classes with this person. And everyone will know it.

Inspite of all this, and inspite of the familiar saying "the odds are good, but the goods are odd", so many still decide to take the plunge and come out. All I can say is, try to pick someone in another section. If at all possible. And if not, well... at least you found someone you like... which is more than can be said for half of the world, so enjoy!

Thursday, September 14, 2006


It's odd when two things from your past happen to collide. When I changed companies, I ended up working for someone who was pretty buddy-buddy with the CFO of my last company. When I moved cities, I ended up dating my old roomate's cousin. When I came to Michigan, I found an old friend I hadn't seen in four years, and he just happened to be living just 20 minutes away from me now. It's even stranger when thing from your not-so-distant past manage to collide. I guess the real question is: "stranger" or "more interesting"?

I haven't been out here in Michigan for that long. I think it has barely been a month. I've still managed to create a little drama and have some adventures, but nothing too crazy... or so I thought.

In spite of a late night on Friday, I managed to get myself up, and head out towards the stadium for the Central Michigan game on Saturday. Thank God I had the sense to wait for halftime, so I didn't have to worry about getting evacuated from the stadium (the first weather delay in the Stadium's history... 79 years!). I went to the tailgate (which was still just OK) which had a few humorful events... my favorite was when Muff was caught sleeping in the grass holding hands with a certain someone. (awww!!! how cute!) Afterwards, I went to the bus and began the usual process of alcohol ingestion... before I knew it, I was buzzed, dancing and screaming along with everyone. And I even got to hang out with a special someone who escorted a couple of us girls to Rick's for post-bus activities. I had a pretty good time, up until past (of about two weeks ago) decides to show up and meet present (as of now). I suppose I'm being vague, but with good reason. Let's just say that the collision was more mental for me than obvious to the colliders... but I hope to avoid those types of things in the future.

That may mean I need to cut down on the drink.... hmmm... maybe collisions aren't so bad after all. What's life without a little drama?

Saturday, September 09, 2006


I am appalled that I can stay out until 4am. What on EARTH am I doing until 4am?? I still have not really figured it out. Last night wasn't the only night of 4am debauchery since I got to Ann Arbor. The evening unfolded innocently enough....

My section decided to have a little after MBA Games get together at Leopolds, which was fun.. but a little calm. So a few of us decided to head over to a joint birthday party at Rush Street. Rush Street was fun... the music was awesome, we danced and drank, and before I knew it, it was time to go home. Ahhh... the drunken trail home. It's an interesting trail that seems to change it's path every few minutes. First we have to stop for pizza. Then we have to stop and talk to a bum on the road, because hey, when else would you want to stop and talk to a bum? Then we have to wait for the drunken friend that ends up seeing someone they know on the street and needs to hoot and holler for a while at them. Then some how, a good hour and a half later... you trip into your apartment... only to chug down a glass of water and then go to bed.

The 8am breakfast so didn't happen. I'll be lucky to make it to the game by half-time.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Social Extravaganza

I have been lax with posting... a few quick updates since the last time I wrote:

- I DID run for office, but didn't have to worry about the voting... because only one other person ran for the same position as me and we were both elected. So now I'm one of the official Cultural and Diversity Initiatives Committee Rep for Section 4.

Ok, if I even TRIED to get started on the social menagerie that has become my life outside of classes for the past few days, I don't think can in any way really shed light on what it feels like to really be an MBA 1 at Ross. I'm surprised we're not all outfitted with IV lines during orientation. Seems like a much faster way to take in beer! That too.. the number of kegs is insane. I was talking to my friend in California during the week but had to tell him "Sorry, I have to go... I'm on my way to a keg-kill." It was 4:30 in the afternoon. Yes, I know.

Shout Off and MBA Games were a blast, for more details, check out my other blog. I did come out ... I let a fellow classmate give me an "MBA Cutie" tattoo in permanent marker on my left tricep. Hey, anything for the section, right? I even have the full support of the section to launch (note the plural)... not exactly sure what the content would be... but I'm sure you all can use your imagination.

Another thing I have realized, there are numerous people at Ross that I find I cannot have a normal conversation with when I'm sober, but the minute I'm drinking, they are the easiest people in the world to talk to. Sometimes I feel like going up to them and saying, "I swear, I'm really not a dumba$$. It's just that I have nothing to say to you when I'm sober."

Well... I'm off to yet another drinking/ socializing/ "networking" event. More to come....

Monday, September 04, 2006

Days of Rest

Two days without the consumption of alcohol. Quite a feat, considering I am in Ann Arbor and it was a "game" weekend. But these two days have been oh-so needed. I feel more rested and normal. AND, I've actually managed to start organizing my life a little bit.

A bunch of people I know took off for Chicago this weekend for the NETIP conference. I have mixed feelings about the whole thing. Last year, I spent labor day weekend in Atlanta with my then-best friend... the NETIP conference happened to be going on there, but we weren't registered. We still managed to have a fabulous time, and we promised to go to Chicago this year together. Needless to say, that didn't happen. Although, I'm actually happy it didn't. The past few months with out her has really opened my eyes. While there are times I still miss her and wish I could call her or talk to her, this whole experience has taught me a few things:

1) Never underestimate the power that a "guy" can have on your girlfriends.
2) Friendships run cycles in life and it's an unrealistic expectation to think that every single one will last forever.
3) I really can never call someone again (total cold turkey) if I have the will power.
4) When things aren't going well, it's good to remove yourself from things that you think are making your life more miserable than it needs to be.
5) Most of the time, people don't air their ideas because they want advice... they air them because they want validation or just an opportunity to think them through. Give and receive advice sparingly, and any advice you give should be incredibly neutral.

I'm still pondering over whether or not to run for a section office. It may be fun to be more involved with the school, but I never was the type to run for these types of things in high school (or in college) for that matter. I am also a little worried about the amount of time it will take up. I have to decide quickly, elections, and nominations, are tomorrow!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

The First Game ... and the Last Match

With Ross Leadership Program wrapping up, the UMBSA (University of Michigan Business Students Association) threw a party to celebrate on Thursday evening at the infamous Hill House. The Hill House is basically the "business" fraternity house. They had beer pong, tons of kegs, and a luge set up. After the closing speeches, I came home with my roomate, took a shower, changed, and then started in on the party circuit. I first went to a friend's BBQ and goodbye party, then walked over to my section's preparty, and then finally, after what seemed like hours later, found myself at the hill house. There were so many people there when we first walked up to the lot, I almost wanted to turn back. Nights at the Hill House are interesting... they are always full of drinking, dancing, and lots of random confusion. I can't say that this night was much different. There was a little additional excitement celebrating Agassi's victory that evening. Before I realized it, most of my friends had disappeared... and it was nearly 4am. I managed to find someone I knew to walk me home and then went home to get some well deserved sleep.

Friday was pretty uneventful. I tried to get as much work done as possible, but still reeling from the previous night's events, it was hard to really get focused. I picked up my course packs, navigated the school library a bit, and then made it back home to sleep some more. We had our section party at Connor's on Friday evening. It was fairly quiet, as a lot of people seem to have gone out of town for the weekend. I got to meet a lot of the second years, who managed to come out that evening. I went home around 10:30pm. I was just too tired to have another night out... and the Michigan - Vanderbilt game was on Saturday.

Some of the partying for the game started at 8am. I barely made it to the B-School bus by 10:45am. Everyone is so curious about the bus... basically, a bunch of students in the class of 2004 got together, purchased a bus, and painted it Blue and Maize. If you want to be part of the bus (actually buy a share), it costs $500, and then you get to party on the bus for every single home game and two of the away games. For those of us who are not members, it's $5 to drink all day. The bus provides keg after keg of beer for the morning, and afternoon. The fesitivites manage to continue until about 10pm. After our win against Vanderbilt, all the B-school students joined together for the UMBSA tailgate, which was not that exciting. After eating a veggie burger, I headed back to the bus with a few others, where we continued to drink and dance and have fun for a good portion of the afternoon. The party ended around 7:30ish, when we all went home, and then reconvened at the Hill House. I discovered some new-found abilities at flip cup. I never thought would really get into the whole beer drinking culture, but to a certain degree, beer almost gives a better buzz than hard liquor... the buzz is slower to take on, and because you have to drink so much beer to feel anything, the buzz is not as strong either. The lines to get into any of the bars last night was ridiculous, so we just called it a night and got home.

This morning, I managed to catch Agassi's last tournament match ever. I admit, I cried. It was so hard to watch, especially as we could see him continue to struggle through each set against Benny Becker. It was a good game, and one that will be remembered for a long, long time.